I have just moved to San Francisco for few months. Oh boy, it has always been my dream to visit and truly experience the city. Now I’m living it! TotalFinder customers made it possible. Thank you guys!

Looking for an inspiration

Yeah, startups! As a podcast junkie I’m pretty familiar with the startup scene in SF. It is not that difficult. With a solid internet connection you can stay in the loop from almost anywhere these days. Even from Prague somewhere in the central Europe. Of course, I mean watching the show passively from back seats. To become a real actor you have to come to the city. But take it easy, boy. There is plenty of fish like you. Don’t be like those sixteen years old wannabe movie stars coming to L.A. :)

I feel like if crosing of 2nd and Howard St was the center of the universe. Have been to Startupism 2012 and #DrinkEntrepreneurs so far. Also had a tasty lunch with my former boss and the best engineer back from Transpond days. All is magically happening somewhere near that crossing. And by going further to SOMA you can visit places like Zeke’s Diamond Sport Bar. Yes, the place where GitHub guys have met for a drink before writing the first line. Places like those have the genius loci, not Alcatraz!

Want to meet hackers

Business conferences and enterpreneur meetups are great if you have a startup. You can pitch your idea or product to everyone who wants to listen. Great practice at least. Hmmm, places where ideas have sex? Naaah! It is more like a speed dating. A bit silly to talk in superlatives to make yourself interesting in 30 seconds, ding!

Anyway I ended up with a bunch of name cards in my pocket. The problem is that I cannot remember all the people. And I don’t have a “real” startup. And I don’t even have my own name cards, so I ended up handing out free TotalFinder licenses :-) I was looking like I want to sell them something. Well, not that bad I have found few people who were already users of my products.

I would much rather hang out with hackers and discuss technical things like programming languages. Then maybe slowly get to project ideas. And who knows. Maybe after some time and few drinks we could be brainstorming how to conquer the world by building the next big thing. Enough time and signals to find out who is a lunatic.

Running in the Golden Gate Park

I’m staying at Oak St with a nice view into Panhandle Park. I see people running in the park from my window all day. It would be a sin not to move my fat ass. This is my 13km route. I belive one of the most beautiful running routes in the city:

Getting better pretty quickly. Hope I will get into good half-marathon shape by the end of my visit :-)

Let’s get in touch!

Now when you know my mission a little bit more. Do you have any recommendations? Pubs? Places? Events? Want to meet at some meetup? Or even for a lunch? Just email me, I’m ready to run :-)

I want to thank the guys from Studentive and Lujza for the invitation to Startupism. It was cool to hang out there with you.