** Today is one year since I started hacking on TotalFinder. And today is the first day you can buy a license if you want to support the next years of development. **

Yeah, TotalFinder has the Mojo

Not everything is perfect of course, but… just hit it!


Thank you all

I want to thank you all who have supported my work and helped with the project.

People have asked for discounts for alpha testers. But I think $15 is already a great price. Later with more features TotalFinder will probably climb to $20 price-point, so you may look at $15 as an introductory price. Also please note that there is volume pricing available, when you buy 3 or more licenses, you get one license for $10. That’s a steal! Buy one TotalFinder license for yourself and give two licenses as a gift to some Mac friends. Starting from 1st October I will be re-licensing them for you if you send me an email. I will write a separate blog post about it soon. There will also be a special license for a boss who wants to buy a mass license for his company. It will be one-time per-company fee without the headaches of keeping track of the headcount. Let me know if you have other thoughts.

I will also give away $1000 worth of licenses in a few hours. I will do a small lottery and pick from people who have sent crash reports. Also all translators and people who helped a lot may expect a happy email soon. I have all you guys on my list of free-give-away-licenses. Stay tuned!

New documentation

There is a new documentation section on the site which should answer your questions about the new release and licensing options.

And please report here any troubles and annoyances with the site, payment system and such. You know, I’m doing a commercial launch for the first time and as you can imagine my last few days were pretty busy.