** I have been giving free licenses to people who contributed their time to TotalFinder.
As a side effect I’ve also had tons of emails from students asking for a free license or discount. Their reason is mostly “because I’m poor” or something similar. **

I have also been a student for a big part of my life

But asking for something just because I was poor always seemed like a bad idea to me. Next time ask how you can help and offer something you can do in exchange! We all have 24 hours per day at our disposal.

Asking how you can help? Good!

You can help me sell more TotalFinder licenses and earn a $5 discount for yourself and 2 other friends.
You have some friends, right? Doing something for your friends for free is always a good idea.

You may want to visit this page which will help you send a message to your friends.

How does it work?

You buy TotalFinder Friends for $30 and I will send you a classic license plus two coupons as URLs. You can then send the coupon links to your friends. Either as a gift or they can give you $10 back.

What if I have a multi-license already?

Send me a request and I will re-license the multi-license for you. The discount is the same.

What’s next?

Ok, guys. This was the last marketing task I have on my list for now. I’d rather spend time coding than thinking how to squeeze even more dollars from the product. It was a pretty juicy week already :-)

Now let’s get back to work on TotalFinder features and bug-fixes.