** Today, I’m happy to announce a new major release of TotalFinder. The new version includes Cut&Paste and many small improvements and fixes. You may grab TotalFinder 1.1 today for just $9 via MacUpdate Promo. **

Cut&Paste should be a human right

We all know Cut&Paste when working with text, right? Move files and folders with cut & paste was the single most requested feature on the forums. Now you can start using ⌘+X and ⌘+V to cut and paste files in TotalFinder. It works like a charm!

I’m really happy about the implementation, because we tricked the Finder into thinking that you just did Drag & Drop internally. I believe the feature is rock solid and covers all the possible scenarios which may arise with Drag & Drop. You know, dealing with files is a serious business and I’m really careful about it.

This feature was implemented by Roman Yusufkhanov who is the new guy helping me with TotalFinder programming. I plan to do a small interview with him in some future blog post. So you guys can get to know him a bit more personally.

Check out products at Kapeli.com

Perhaps you know the utility called MoveAddict by Bogdan Popescu, which aims to solve the same problem. I’m a bit sad to compete with Bogdan, because he definitely put a lot of good work into his app and this release will harm his sales I guess. But I feel strongly that Cut&Paste should be an integral part of TotalFinder and as the most requested feature this is the best thing for my users.

Please do me a favor. Visit his site and check out some of the other products he has created. Much appreciated, thanks!

TotalFinder is on sale via MacUpdate Promo today!

The price is set to $9 which is 40% discount. Given that the Cut&Paste feature alone has the price tag $8 (MoveAddict), you will get great value for a really great price. I hope you like my aggressive pricing.

What’s next?

TotalFinder is selling very well and I’m pretty busy with supporting all the people. The development is slower but I’m getting great help from Roman, Sebastian, Lorenzo, Robin, Melda and others. Also I’d like to thank all the translators for keeping up with recent TotalFinder changes.

Please check this list of popular ideas. And guess what is going next… :-)